Board of Directors

As one of our two founders, my brother and I are a team of Entrepreneurs who have over 25 years of tech related startup experience, building teams and turning ideas into big business opportunities, as well as exits for our investors. Together we have raised over $40M in capital, spanning various companies and our history dates back to the first ever Internet IPO (Netcom Online Communications), as well as the development of the first ever World Wide Web Directory (sold to McMillan Publishing) and even deploying a first mover social network by the name of, which was prior to Facebook and resulted in a top 10 most trafficked web site in the World, with a market cap of approximately $700M upon exit. Our teams have developed relationships over the years that include such companies as Apple, ebay and AT&T, as well as joint ventures with Music Industry Giants, including Nocturne Productions, Herbie Herbert (Manager of the Band Journey) and; an early adopter offering digital music downloads.

Thank you for the opportunity; we welcome the opportunity to discuss our business, Fan Pass launch strategy and existing Hollywood relationships for your investment consideration.
ROBERT A. ROSITANO, JR.Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Rositano, Jr. is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in technology and bringing more than $60M in liquidity events for the companies he has hatched or managed. Prior to starting the Company, Mr. Rositano began as the 3rd employee and member of the Internet’s first IPO in 1993, Netcom Online Communications, Inc., which was sold to ICG Communications and later sold to EarthLink in 1997. Mr. Rositano has co-founded a number of successful ventures following his experience with new technologies, trends and markets. Some of which included Simply Internet, Inc.,, America’s Biggest, Inc., Zippi Networks, Inc (an eBay partner), CheckMate Mobile, Inc. and AppBuilder 360, a mobile app developer. He was also an author the first Web Directory to ever be published, later selling the rights to Macmillan Publishing. His most recent venture, Friendable, Inc. has resulted in a growing business opportunity in the ever-popular mobile technology space.
DEAN ROSITANOPresident & Chief Technology Officer
Dean is the President and Chief Technology Officer of Friendable, Inc. and is responsible for the day-to-day operations and guiding of the technical direction of the company. With over 20 years of experience in executive management, Internet architecture and high technology operations, Mr. Rositano has successfully assisted in raising funds in both private and public transactions. Prior to Friendable, Inc., Mr. Rositano co- founded Checkmate Mobile, Inc, Latitude Venture Partners, LLC, Zippi Networks, Inc, America’s Biggest, Inc, and most notably, was the co-founder and president and CTO of Silicon Valley based, which went public in 1998 when it quickly reached a valuation of over $600M. With over 3M unique visitors daily and a top 5 worldwide, website rank. As President and CTO, Mr. Rositano was responsible for designing, architecting, and scaling the Nettaxi server infrastructure from 0 to over 10 million visitors per day.